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Boresha Radio

Radio shows production and broadcast management services

Join the list of our satisfied clients who have trusted us on providing radio shows and broadcast management services which includes concept consulting, script writing, mastering and post production. Choose from our voice-over roster and find the best voice actors for your radio show. To make sure your messages reaching number of your audience RUKA has a large network of over 15 local radio stations all over Tanzania. We also have good relationship with Tanzania Development Information Organization (TADIO) an organization for community radio networks in the country. All this services are available at affordable price, with a quick turnaround time.

Audio Production

Ruka is able to provide affordable, professional quality radio programmes, radio drama, radio commercials, jingles, voice over artists, on-hold messaging service, voicemail / auto-attendant services (designed to keep your caller interested, engaged and on the line).

Sound recording studio rental

Our professional studios are conveniently located at Mikocheni Industrial Area in Dar es Salaam within the Nafasi Art Space premises. We offer a professional grade full broadcast radio sound booth for sound recording - which is regularly used by several national agencies and independent sound engineers for the production of radio ads, radio shows, dubbing and music production.

Radio Show Case Studies

BoreshaBiashara Radio Programme

Since 2012, the RUKA team has been active in the production of the well-known radio programme ‘BoreshaBiashara’, meaning ‘enabling business environment’. We work to inspire SMEs in their business affairs, and to influence decision-makers to create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. Since started we have approximately reached over 10 million people, while interacting with 14,000 listeners through over 182 radio episodes.

The 30-minute radio episode includes:

  • Dialogue through a panel discussion with stakeholders such as PSOs and Government officials.
  • A drama series sharing key messages through humor.
  • East African music.
  • A live segment where local experts and the audience interact via calls and SMS.


Under ‘HakiYetu’ (our right) project we have developed an awareness radio campaign ‘TupoSawa’ (We Are The Same), that refers to the fact that people with albinism are the same as people without. The campaign advocate for the rights and welfare of People with albinism in the Lake Zone, Tanzania The project initiated by UnderTheSameSun and managed by CEFA Tanzania. We have produced 3 radio spots and 11 radio episodes includes:

  • Panel Discussion
  • Public comments via SMSs
  • Expert Interviews
  • Radio Drama
  • Music

Video documentation

Ruka has a great team for the film and video documentaries as well as Tv programs production, we have been in a good relationship with professional film makers who we subcontract them for the projects and we remain the best quality controller for your expecting results. You relax we bring you video in your desk.

Apprenticeship in Hospitality Industries by ATE and HAT 2015

We have produced a 10-minute documentary to promote visibility of the apprenticeships in hotelier industry. The documentary showcased several interviews of large hoteliers, apex tourism organizations, government officials and ILO representatives.

Knowledge sharing to improve agriculture sector.

We have produced video documentary for the Agricultural Council of Tanzania (ACT) during the dialogue and knowledge sharing to improve agriculture sector through presenting and addressing issues impacting agriculture sector at the district levels in Magu, Bunda, Bukoba, Arumeru, Kigoma, Mbozi, Muheza, Tandahimba, Morogoro and Njombe. We also covered the advance course for ACT members on dialogue and advocacy conducted by Centre of Policy and Research and Advocacy (CPRA). Please open this link to view the documentary

RUKA has vast experience in developing and running 360° marketing communication campaigns whether you need to get people on your side or change behavior, we will work with you to understand your audience, and help you communicate better. We have over 6 years of experience working with clients from the government, health and community-focused organizations, companies and interactive media platforms including online and offline media.

Ruka is able to develop:

1 Campaign concept design

RUKA has the resources and experience to develop communication campaign plans and messages that will resonate with target audiences and achieve your objectives.

2 Branding & Design

RUKA has more than 10 years' experience in branding and graphic designs, we have been supporting Companies, Organization and Projects to develop their brands to enable them to precisely connects with new and existing customers through print and the new media.

``Your brand is your identity. Your unique thumbprint``. Branding is your company's story distilled into one look. Let's make it memorable. Whether you're starting from scratch, giving life to an outdated look or just want to tie everything together; our design team is here to kill it for you. These are some of the brands which have experienced our design touch; Nafasi Arts Space, Regalia Media, Pioneer Company Ltd., MuDa Africa, Time2Dance Festival, DEWATS Project, ChooRafiki Campaign, MjamzitonaMtotoSalama Campaign, Fahari Stones project, Living Inside the Story Exhibition and many more.

3 Media Planning and Buying

Plenty of companies/organizations ignore the importance of media planning and buying, thereby not being able to reap the best benefits. It is not wise to jump into media buying without effective planning, as that could only lead to a major investment with minor results. Thanks to our strategy, negotiation and purchasing skills, RUKA expert media planners and buyers can help you set your campaign goals, per target audience, to achieve the best possible results for the advertised products.

4 Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management team can help your business gain likes and followers, monitor audience engagement, build relationships while maximizing brand awareness and gain revenue. Our team has a cutting edge methods to understand and utilize the influence and power of social networks in communication.

360 Communication Case Studies

2018 Golden Line Campaign - UMATI

The Family Planning Association of Tanzania ''Chama cha UzazinaMalezi Bora Tanzania'' (UMATI), Commission RUKA Company to promote GoldenLine project through print media and electronic media for documentation as well as reaching more audience. The project aimed at changing the Mining community attitude toward women, increasing the recognition of the women value. Among behavior change requirement was a change in attitude and usage of contraceptive prevalence among couples in the mining community. RUKA developed Campaign Message, Radio spot and Television Advert.

2018 Decentralized Wastewater Solution (DEWATS) - BORDA Africa

Decentralized Wastewater Solution (DEWATS) Plants Project. Pit Latrines Emptying Services in Dar es Salaam shantytowns.

In 2018 RUKA was assigned by BORDA Africa to develop the communication campaign plans and messages to resonate with target audiences in Kiswahili. Aimed at promoting a new Pit Latrine Emptying Service in Dar es Salaam's dense low-income communities of Mlalakua, Mburahati and Kigamboni. This new waste removal and transport service is an alternative to the common practice of manually emptying pit latrines and dumping pathogenic waste into the environment

For Radio Ads, Print Ads and Social Media promotion campaigns we developed the name - ChooRafiki - meaning ``friendly toilet`` and the slogan - Nyonya Kistaarabu - ``empty wisely``. The campaign promoted the safe, affordable and legal aspects of the service and also focused on raising community interest and willingness to pay for the service. RUKA was tasked with media planning and buying for the campaign.

As a nonprofit company RUKA has been involved in developing and promoting the work of artist in various visual and performing art-forms such as film, sculpture, dance, painting, multimedia, poetry, and performing art.

RUKA Projects Case Studies

In Tanzania, employment is still a stumbling block for fresh graduates wanting to establish a better future for their lives. RUKA serves to unveil the known and unknown challenges towards solutions to create jobs and increase livelihood to the Tanzanian society.

2016/2017 - Internship programme “RukaKipro”

RukaKipro simply means leap to professionalism. This was our internship project, which was implemented with a grant from Music Mayday. The initiative aimed at sharpening the skills of young creative minds and provided them with placements to gain experience and exposure in the field.

The programme involved training in photography, drawing, graphic design, marketing, branding and the use of social media. From 50 applicants, we selected 10 graduates who received a 4 month placement at RUKA Studios, which gave them the opportunity to be exposed to a real world creative environment by working with big brands and increasing their chance of self-employment in the creative industry. The project has been a success with 6 interns now running their own graphic design businesses or in permanent employment with different design houses in Tanzania.

2015 - “Cheka Kibiashara” Cartoon Competition

The project aimed at producing cartoon illustrations carrying satirical and humoristic messages, exhibiting the challenges of youth unemployment and doing business in Tanzania. The initiative was implemented at the right time, with the objective to attract the attention of politicians to include youth unemployment in their political agenda during Tanzania general election in 2015.

The project was successfully delivered and we received 109 art works from Tanzanian artists, both in English and Kiswahili. 32 cartoon artworks won the contestant and their works were displayed in social media. The best 20 cartoon artworks were published in the mainstream media and The Citizen and Mwananchi newspapers contributed towards stimulating the public debates.

Artistic Communication

We work to inspire the community in their social affairs, and to influence decision-makers to create an enabling environment