CEFA Tanzania
A radio campaign in support of the “Haki Yetu” project

CEFA Tanzania; Tupo Sawa (2017/2019); 

A radio campaign in support of the “Haki Yetu” project which advocates for the rights and welfare of people with albinism in the Lake Zone of Tanzania.

The radio program content produced for this campaign includes an original song, radio spots, a radio drama, panel discussions, and the opportunity for broadcast views from the general public and experts.

All episodes were broadcast in series form (weekly) through a network of community and faith-based radio stations operating in Kigoma, Geita, Mwanza, Shinyanga and Simiyu while the radio spot aired on Clouds FM for one month.

The radio drama series focused on communicating key messages to eliminate stigma and challenge the murder of people with albinism due to superstition.

It followed the life of a young boy with albinism and his family as they faced and dealt with the challenges of living with albinism in Tanzania whilst the music encourages people with albinism to feel confident that they can be anybody they want. See the link below to the produced campaign music video which summarizes the campaign.